Beach Town Cool. Small Town Warmth.

The Orange Beach Store isn’t just merchandise, but celebration of a manner of living. That’s why every design and product line is carefully chosen to be just as authentic as the place that inspired it. 

    Orange Beach draws tens of thousands to our sugar white beaches as soon as the sun warms our emerald green water. But it’s also a town that sends hundreds of children to school in the morning. Friends meet for lunch at the same dock-side restaurants that splash into national travel magazines. Kids throw cast nets for bait fish on Wolf Bay. Dads clean up boats for weekend picnics to Robinson Island. Our mission: creating a style just as authentic as the community itself.

    So What's with the Orange Anyway?

    Spanish explorers brought citrus with them to the New World in the mid 1500’s. Grapefruit, oranges and lemons thrived in the tropical climate of the Gulf Coast. By the 1890’s sweet satsumas were a major crop here – with orange groves covering the landscape. Legend has it one 12-year old tree produced 2000 sweet oranges in one season. The deep freeze of 1926 ended the citrus business, but Orange Beach kept its distinctive name.

    By the time the first hotel opened around 1920, Orange Beach was getting a glimmer of the beach vacation destination it would become. Families hauled aluminum “Temprite” coolers and folding chairs with picnics of pimento cheese sandwiches and Frostie root-beer for the afternoon. Chartered bay boats caught tarpon in Wolf Bay and threw gill nets for mullet. Wooden Stauters eventually turned to world-class sport fishing mega boats – but today they all find a place at the pier.

    Sugar white sand, azure tides, and the burnt glow of a sunset are a color palette that hasn’t changed, even if the cottages are a little taller these days. And the orange trees? A movement is gaining real juice….. to bring them back to beach road.